Have you ever watched joy ripple across a little ones face by creating a make believe land where they can get lost in and grow up alongside the characters? or perhaps you have been captivated by the unpredictability of water coloured paints on paper and how it seems to have a mind of its own when it collides to create art - well it was the love of both that that sparked the idea of Danella Gillard’s first watercolour prints and it’s what makes them come to life. When Danella isn’t busy keeping house in Tauranga New Zealand with her Husband and three kids, you’ll find her lost in the wonderful land of Sailah Lane. 

Danella's unique whimsical designs are donning the walls of children's bedrooms and playrooms all over the world! Come join in on the fun and get submerged in a world where anything is possible, and where all it takes is a little bit of curiosity and imagination.