Fairy Garden Wall Stickers

Fairy Garden Wall Stickers


Removable. Reusable. Non- Toxic. Shrink- Free. Rip-Free. 

Add some magic to your little ones room! Hand painted designs by artist Danella Gillard.

There are so many ways to style these Fairy Garden Wall Stickers!

Evenly spot them around the wall to look like wall paper!

Cluster them up or frame them around artwork or shelving!

.......the possibilities are endless! 

Sailah Lane's FABRIC wall stickers are amazing quality and have a beautiful soft canvas type texture to them. They are removable and reusable, so you can move them around! They can be applied to almost all smooth surfaces and won't damage your walls - great if you are renting! 

HALF set includes 36 individual wall stickers and a FULL set includes 72 individual wall stickers.

Sticker sizes...

Quantities for HALF a set....Times by 2 for the Full Set

3 x Fairies - 39 x 30cm approx

21 x Flowers - 7.5 - 15cm 

5 x Butterflies - 8 x 11cm

7 x Bees -  3 x 3cm

  **Colour may vary slightly from screen**


See our Delivery/Returns page for details.


Will they damage my walls?

No they won't! They have a patented adhesive on the back that doesn't leave any sticky residue on your walls, perfect for if you are renting and don't want to upset the landlord. They are gentle on walls however we can not guarantee that they won't take off paint from unprimed walls. Do not use on bubbling paint. 

How To Apply

Start with smooth, clean and dry walls.

Simply peel off backing paper and stick on to the wall.

Remove to rearrange.

Keep the white backing paper and tube if you intend to move the decals,or move home!


Choking hazard, not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Our wall stickers should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking hazard.